Unique Wedding Cake Ideas For The Most Beautiful Day Of Your Life

You're coming to Las Vegas to have the most wonderful wedding and you hope that your wedding cake will not only look well -- like you, your gown and bouquet -- but that it will also be very delicious.

* Decorations – Decide the design, flavors and fillings, shape, cake sayings or messages that you want to convey, icing colors, embellishments, etc. well in advance. Try them out before finalizing them.Mesmerizing Cake Ideas

Wedding cake toppers in the early 20th Century commonly or usually made of small figurines of the bride in wedding dress and groom in a tuxedo standing beside each other on a stand. Some brides and groom figures were depicted under an arch or a small gazebo.

A bit of advice - try not to make the grooms cake a source of contention. When everything is said and done you will most likely feel regret for causing a rift between you and your husband over a cake.

Another touch some have added is a waterfall and the water can be tinted to any color you chose. It is truly amazing what the cake decorator will come up with to give you a unique and beautiful creation. At the top of this creation is some form of a wedding topper. In the past the most common ones used were the bride and groom figurines. Today they vary greatly from any type of figurine, flowers or other symbols that represent something of importance to the couple. A shared interest or hobby or even something someone else used on top of his or her cake, such as an heirloom.

It has always been a long standing tradition that the bride and groom would remove and save the Wedding Cake Toppers or Wedding Cake Toppings as an important memento of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Tied in with the removal of the Wedding Cake Toppers or Wedding Cake Toppings is the removal, saving and freezing the top layer of the wedding cake for the bride and groom to thaw out and eat to celebrate their First Wedding Anniversary.

The main types of boxes are cardboard cake boxes. These as stated above are made from cardboard. They are usually in the color of white and are relatively cheap ranging anywhere from $1 up to $50 depending on the size and the shape. Another popular box is that for cupcakes. These are built specifically to hold cupcakes. They range from the ones that are used to hold individual cupcakes, all the way to the one that can hold a baker's dozen. Wedding cake boxes come in two special categories. There are the ones that hold small pieces of wedding cake and are often given out as gifts. There is also the other one that is used to hold the main wedding cake. This one is the same as a cake box, even though it might be personalized to indicate that it contains the main cake.

1. Wedding cake icing - Soon to be bride or groom, can choose among these scrumptious cake ideas: Rolled fondant decorating icing, marzipan, chocolate icing, royal icing, chocolate and butter cream. The marzipan and rolled fondant are the most expensive among the frosting. This icing requires less labor and can provide a perfectly smooth and even canvas for the wedding cake.