Amazing Top 10 Trends for Simple Wedding Cakes

Whatever you have thought about wedding cakes in the past, when it comes to yours, the most important thing is that it reflects you. You will cherish the look of this artistic creation and feel it will be a shame to cut into it and spoil the appearance. This is normal, and the feeling will go away when you taste it.

It may be tricky to calculate the desired number of cakes. The baker will tell you how many servings you will get from one cake. You'll have to decide whether you'll be following the tradition of saving the top tier for your anniversary, but it may not be practical if you'll be having a long trip home from Las Vegas.

* Type of cake – Decide whether you want a replica of the multi-tiered traditional wedding cake or something funky like a cake shaped like beach ball or a soccer field, for instance.

First, the well-known and highly respected American etiquette expert, Miss Emily Post, in her 1922 Best-Selling book clearly stated that the: “wedding cake is an essential of every wedding reception.” Emily Post further counseled and commented about the placement of the bride and groom figurines as a wedding cake toppings specifically that “the wedding cake is almost always ordered from the caterer who delivers it shortly before the hour of the reception. It is usually in several tiers, beautifully decorated with white icing and topped by small figures of the bride and groom.”

5. To theme or not to theme. Your groom wants a cake that resembles a large mouth bass and you are not thrilled with the idea of a fish near your wedding cake! What do you do?

But as with all things, if you desire something a little different from the usual, you have an abundance of choices. For those with an exotic taste, tiramisu or a mango passion fruit could be considered. Or if you have a lighter pallet perhaps you would prefer lemon chiffon, which would be perfect.

In the early 1900’s wedding cake toppers or wedding cake toppings were made from glass, paper, or wood, and many of the toppers were handcrafted. Over time the popular wedding cake toppings (wedding cake toppers) began to be manufactured or mass produced commercially in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Everyone loves cake, it is that one pastry that will make children smile with joy and adults lick their lips in lust. This sweet product has been a staple at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and countless other types of parties. It is the product that will make most people happy once they have its delectable taste in their mouth. This articles main focus will not be on the cake, but actually the different types of boxes that are used to store and transport them.

Wedding celebrations do vary. There are garden wedding, church wedding and even underwater wedding. Though, there are many wedding themes, wedding cakes are always present. Today, there are various styles of wedding cakes. Their prices differ as well. In this article, we will discuss the different components of wedding cakes and why their prices vary.